Prancie is an adorable white horse that is included in the Fairytale Dance line. As of now
Prancy Remake
there is little to no information regarding her other then that she is a dress up/customizing doll that can be also be dressed down to be an multipurpose horse doll for any La Dee Da.

Right now there are two Prancie dolls out. One that comes with many customizing pieces and a combo pack that comes with an exclusive Dee doll.

It is unknown if Prancie can talk, or think the same way Le Bun does.



Prancie is a pretty white horse with long flowing, curly pink and purple mane and tail with pinkish streaks. Her eyes are big and seem to be a shade of blue. She has dark purple hooves and a purple crown marking on her flank with blue sparkles surrounding it.

Cinderella Dee and PrancieEdit

Prancie has a white coat with a blue clock symbol with pink hearts on her flank. Her hair is bright pink, with few streaks of blue going through it to match her outfit and eyes. The blue object worn on her face and front part of her body is pale blue to match her saddle, and has silver tassles and bright pink hearts to match the stars in her hair, and her hooves.


  • Prancie basic doll - comes with over 15 pieces including outfit acessories, star pins for her hair, brush, stickers, marker.
  • Prancie Doll with Cinderella Dee - This variant of Prancie has some differences such as items she comes with and coloring. She is listed to come with twelve pieces, which is less then her original toy, which offers fifteen. Other differences include: Less, alternate stickers. A pink hair brush instead of blue, lacks a fancy saddle ornament, pink hooves, pale blue facial piece instead of pink, pink stars instead of blue, and silver jewelry instead of gold. Her marking on her flank is a clock with small hearts on it, instead of a crown. Her hair has also gained soft blues streaks through it.


  • Prancy seems to be inspired by the My Little Pony series.
  • Originally, Prancie was depicted with a darker color scheme and purple hair.