Design Bandit is a character (so far) exclusive to the Online Game "Deesign Your Own Adventure".

And as such, nothing really is known about her at this time. But chances are she may appear a few more times throughout the doll series.

She appears exclusively if you choose to play Mission 1, in which Dee must track her down as she tries to escape the scene of the level you chose to play. She'll be stealing the items you chose earlier when setting up the game and you have to simply grab hold of her/touch her to win the level.

Her abilities aren't well known, but she can be seen floating somewhat when she jumps.


Being a Bandit means she is a thief. Chances are, from her name and the fact she goes around stealing items needed for designs. She either is a rival to the La Dee Da label, or she just goes around stealing designs and items so that she may take credit for them instead.


The design Bandit has a similar build to Dee and the girls, most likely meaning she is also a teenager. She has tanned-fair skin and wears a typical black and white eyemask over her eyes. Her lips appear to be dark pink. Her hair is worn similiar to a bob cut and is neon pink-purple with few bangs.

The design bandit wears a dark purple-pink Tee-shirt with elbow length sleeves and long black gloves, a purple-black cape with pink under-coloring, a purple with pink stripes resembling a school skirt, along with very long black pantyhose and dark purple heeled shoes.


  • As nothing much is known about her, it's possible the Design Bandit is just one of the other girls in costume.