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City Girl DeeEdit

A commercial focusing on City Girl Dee has been released recently. It can be found on youtube, the official website, and on tv.

It is a total length of 31 seconds.

The commercial begins with the La Dee Da icon appearing, then the view changes to Dee and her friends behind her as everyone poses momentarily. Then, the drawing of Dee suddenly gains color, then forms into a cute doll! As she begins to pose around the town, highlights of Dee's attire is shown with a pretty neon lining as she resumes taking photo's of herself posing in town. At about 20 seconds the commercial switches to the website to highlight, detail, and show it off momentarily before then switching to the Sweet series of dolls.

Then to finish the commercial, a 3D Dee appears at lower half and she holds up the heel of her shoe, revealing the series icon/symbol again.


2012 La Dee Da - City Girl doll Commercial *English*

2012 La Dee Da - City Girl doll Commercial *English*